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Australian PM Abandons Country For Christmas Celebration

Submitted by Editor
Thu 26 Dec 2013

Australia's new Prime Minister Tony Abbott has abandoned his Country in his first year of office in 2013 during the Western World's important Christmas celebrations and holidays.  PM Abbott has taken his family for a holiday in France skiing.
Prime Minister has had a number of controversies with Indonesia since gaining office in September 2013, with many of these still unresolved.  The new government have stated there are a number of urgent matters to attend for the Country and these appear to be put aside for their celebrations and holidays, or were only politically important at the time.
During 2012 PM Abbott's current Australian Government Treasurer Joe Hockey was scathing of the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard over having a holiday at the Christmas celebration in Australia and leaving her home State.  Mr Abbott is not a native of Australia and himself arrived by boat and became an Australian Citizen.  The current boat people arrivals in Australia seeking asylum is an issue that has caused an unbalanced harmony between Indonesian and Australian government.

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