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Alcohol Restrictions For Mini Marts

Submitted by Editor
Thu 22 Jan 2015

The sale of alcohol products at Indonesian mini marts will have restrictions imposed.

under 18 Restrction

Australian PM Has Eligibility For Office Questioned

Submitted by Editor
Wed 03 Sep 2014

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott is having his eligibility for the position of Prime Minister questioned and has so far refused to provide simple answers to questions about his English citizenship and the requirements to not be a dual citizen to be eligible to enter Australia's parliament.

Tony Abbott Australian PM

Sanaogol Group Views Timor Leste Opportunities

Submitted by Editor
Thu 05 Jun 2014

Sonangol Hidrocarbonetos Internacional officials have visited Timor-Leste to investigate the possibility of a consortium of Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) for onshore oil exploration in Timor-Leste.


Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter Dies at 76

Submitted by Editor
Mon 21 Apr 2014

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter a man that became a symbol for wrongly convicted people, and an international symbol of racial injustice, has died at the age of 76 in Canada following a battle with prostrate cancer.

Rubin Carter Boxing Stance

Drone Strikes In Yemen Questions US Rights

Submitted by Editor
Sat 19 Apr 2014

Drone strikes in Yemen have been causing controversy and discussion, and a recent drone strike that killed an alleged 15 Al-Qaeda suspects in a truck also struck and killed three civilians in Yemen’s central Baida province has reignited the practice by the parties being acceptable practice.

Drone Predator Hellfires

Japan Prepare To Restart Antarctica Whale Hunting

Submitted by Editor
Fri 18 Apr 2014

Japan is set to restart its whale hunting program and will submit a new research program for Antarctica this year to the International Whaling Commission, combined with a observation team sent to Antarctica for 2014/15.

Whale 1

Web Browser Firefox Embroiled in LGBT Problem

Submitted by Editor
Thu 27 Mar 2014

Developers of the open source software 'Firefox Web Browser' have been threatening strike action over the employment of new CEO Brendan Eich by Mozilla, and controversy over his stand on lesbian and gay issues.


Manta Ray Due For Protection

Submitted by Editor
Fri 21 Feb 2014

Indonesian Government has announced measures to establish the world’s largest manta sanctuary, totaling nearly 6 million square kilometers (2.3 million square miles), protecting both the giant manta ray and reef manta ray.

Manta Ray

Money Stops For Government Merpati Airline

Submitted by Editor
Mon 17 Feb 2014

Merpati Airlines the Indonesia airline owned by the Government has no money to pays its accounts and creditors and ceased flight operations on February 1, 2014. The airline has been grounded until the end of February.

Merpati Airlines

Dengue Fever Vaccine Maybe Closer

Submitted by Editor
Wed 12 Feb 2014

A research team operating at University of Michigan and Purdue University have recently discovered how the Dengue fever replicate. This discovery may form the basis of a vaccine development.

No Mosquito